What we do

We specialize in providing innovative solutions and execution to enhance brand presence and drive business development. With a dedicated team of experts and a successful track record of over 700 projects for more than 120 leading brands, we are committed to delivering excellent results for our clients. We pledge to boost the success of your business and collaborate with you to build and promote your brand strongly.

Social Marketing

We constantly update and adapt to emerging trends on social media, integrating them into our brand communication strategies to attract attention, enhance brand awareness, and build credibility with customers, thereby fostering positive influence within the community at large

Digital Marketing

We help businesses and brands establish a strong online presence, reach their target audience effectively, and achieve their marketing goals through various digital channels.

Channel Activation Marketing

We leverage Channel Activation as a bridge for interactive engagement between customers and the brand through activities and events. This facilitates hands-on experiential convenience and real value perception from the brand, fostering trust and, most importantly, positively influencing customer purchasing behavior.

Audit and Merchandising

We oversee the implementation process of the brand's marketing activities at sales points, providing objective and honest information with high-quality data. This supports the brand in evaluating effectiveness and optimizing resources for subsequent marketing endeavors

Event Marketing

We offer Event Marketing services, a promotional method that helps brands ignite effective marketing campaigns and create touchpoints with potential consumers, building brand awareness through creative ideas and storytelling.

Sampling Marketing

We accompany brands in their journey towards optimizing customer experiences through Sampling Marketing, enabling customers to recognize the brand and experience its products and services firsthand. Most importantly, we have the ability to help brands measure the quantity of samples distributed and optimize the customer data collected.

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V.Rohto Cool

Brand Activation

Skin Aqua Tone Up UV

Brand Activation


Social Marketing