Audit and Merchandising

We oversee the implementation process of the brand's marketing activities at sales points, providing objective and honest information with high-quality data. This supports the brand in evaluating effectiveness and optimizing resources for subsequent marketing endeavors

Brand activation & event refers to the marketing strategies and activities that aim to bring a brand to life and engage with its target audience in a tangible and memorable way. It goes beyond traditional advertising and focuses on creating interactive experiences that allow consumers to connect with the brand personally.


Event & Activation

Our sampling activations are implemented in very consumer-friendly environments which promote a positive and interactive atmosphere while consumers engage with your product experience. We use professional, fun, and outgoing brand ambassadors to engage participants and raise brand awareness, while reinforcing the idea that the company is approachable, has questions, and cares about the consumers’ feedback.


Our Audit Merchandise service is designed to meticulously assess and verify the quality, compliance, and consistency of your merchandise, ensuring that it meets the highest standards and aligns seamlessly with your brand image.


Sampling & Merchandise‚Äč

Creative Point provides Promoter Management service and implements a diverse personnel system including PG, PB, Bartender, Storyteller... for many brands in different segments with various channels of access such as Horeca, VIP, supermarkets, pharmacies... With the ability to recruit quickly, train personnel, synchronize and manage Promoter activities and effectiveness excellently. The Promoter team provided by Creative Point has become brand ambassadors for many brands and is a very effective touchpoint.


Promotion Management‚Äč

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V.Rohto Cool

Brand Activation

Skin Aqua Tone Up UV

Brand Activation